About the iPak-Survival brand

iPak-Survival was started in Portland Oregon in 2009 by Jason Black. The word "iPak" was designed to mock the Apple "iMac" logo with its first design looking like an iPone Application of a tucked pistol in a waistband. Slowly iPak added dozens of designs and moved into producing gear in 2013. J. Black contributed to the sporting industry having handmade over 25,000 fishing rods for Lamaglas and 10,000 bow silencers for Bow Tech before focusing on knives and outdoor gear. 

iPak-Survival knives and axes are designed to withstand hardcore use and were designed with this in mind. Lacking the manufacturing refinements of the CFK Knives, iPak knives are built solid and are very durable. Made especially for survival, military, hunting, camping, fishing, bushcrafting. New iPak knives are backed up with the same Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, as the CFK brand.

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